1. Nevermind the Rubbish, Here's Meat Glue
    Meat Glue, Rubbish

  2. Cauldron of Flies
    Two-Headed Lamb

  3. Ghosts

  4. Might Is Right
    Ragnar Redbeard

  5. Automatic Music Episode 17
    Various Artists

  6. Florence

  7. Automatic Music Podcast Episode 15: Gobbling the Goods!

  8. Automatic Music Episode 14: Halloween
    Various Artists

  9. Automatic Music Podcast Episode 13
    Various Artists

  10. Musique Concrete and Electronic Sound: Four Selections
    Tom Baker

  11. Incredible Revelations from Last Night

  12. Automatic Music Podcast Episode 12
    Various Artists

  13. Heavy Metal Casket
    Tom Baker

  14. Give Me Your Head and I'll Give You My Hand

  15. Biting a Rabbit in Half

  16. The Musick of Erich Zann: A Noise Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft
    Various Artists

  17. The Dragon that Ate the Sun

  18. The Accomplice

  19. Jazz Cocoon

  20. Some Clowns are Riff-Raff

  21. Wob,Wob
    Two-Headed Lamb

  22. Two Severed Heads Fighting Over an Ear

  23. The Living Was Food

  24. Automatic Music Episode 1
    Tom Baker

  25. The Suffocation Artist
    Extreme Volume Pop + Bjarnsreicht

  26. Secrets Unleashed: Abe Sandoval + Extreme Volume Pop (Remixes)

  27. Four Hideous Faces On A Wheel

  28. Gore/Grind
    Meat Glue

  29. Meat Glue Vs. Henry C. Rial
    Meat Glue, Henry C. Rial

  30. The Music of Poverty and Irony

  31. Black Slash / Double O

  32. Halloween


  34. Eternity Fields: A Soundtrack for Nosferatu (1922)

  35. My Music (is Not Good Music)

  36. Sister Aimee
    Tom Baker

  37. 12213

  38. I Sing the Song of Man

  39. Bad Music 1

  40. Shine/Burst

  41. Harsh Noise # 8

  42. Untitled

  43. Deliver Us to Evil
    Meat Glue + Ghosts of Dead Tables

  44. Apathetic Noise # 2

  45. Noise is Shit/Drive You Crazy/Stay Away/Butch
    Meat Glue

  46. Effigy of the Lion

  47. Noise is Hopeless

  48. Oral Disease: Noise Artists Talk About Noise
    Various Artists

  49. 8

  50. george chop betty chop chop
    Meat Glue

  51. Canary Grinder

  52. Screaming from the Dream Chamber
    Ghosts of Dead Tables + Meat Glue

  53. Sleazy Maisie Rumpledinck
    Ghosts of Dead Tables + Meat Glue

  54. Upon the Skull of the World

  55. Noise in the Clouds
    Meat Glue + Social Drift

  56. Where the Worm Dieth Not

  57. Digital Breast Reduction (Elephant on Mars)

  58. mustard love gun

  59. meat glue is killing noise slowly

  60. un
    Meat Glue

  61. Joykiller

  62. Sackful of Dead Butterflies/Scissors for Cutting Meat Glue
    Meat Glue

  63. Tiff the Stiff
    Meat Glue

  64. Miracle O
    Meat Glue

  65. Hell

  66. Dirty
    Meat Glue

  67. Sex Decay

  68. Right to Pork
    Meat Glue

  69. Haus

  70. Untitled

  71. Apathetic Noise # 1

  72. Mikey's Death

  73. Abe's Harsh Noise Birthday Surprise
    Meat Glue

  74. Generic Laptop Noise

  75. Vector Melody Crushing
    Meat Glue + Laughing Goo

  76. Funeral Dance

  77. "To All My Little Friends..."

  78. A Thousand Dying Years

  79. The Star Spangled Banner

  80. Cat Lady Suicide/51-Pound Tumor
    Meat Glue

  81. Drilled

  82. Everyone in the Noise Scene Should be Sterilized
    Meat Glue

  83. Boyd Rice is Taller Than Merzbow
    Meat Glue


Extreme Volume Pop Indiana

Hopefully, my various musics are ultimately like magic bullets that enter and impact at the base of the skull, ricochet around the brain chamber, and then leave a gaping exit wound in the forehead. You may hate them

Since 2006!

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